Clients & Projects

The following is some of the projects I have been involved in and clients I have worked for:

  • Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline(ADCOP)/SIEMENS, UAE
    Deployment of network monitoring system to monitor the entire IT infrastructure of ADCOP. This project involved detailed monitoring of around 500 hosts spread across the UAE(Abu Dhabi to Fujairah). The hosts monitored included Windows servers, Windows workstations, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, SANs, PLCs, GPS clocks, Printers etc. The alert system was integrated with SIEMENS SCADA.

  • Interpol, Tehran
    Setup of Linux mail server for secure communication

  • Ministry of Economy, Abu Dhabi
    Linux consulting

  • Road and Transport Authority, Dubai
    Linux consulting

  • TCM-Offshore, Dubai
    Linux based small business server(Firewall/Proxy/File & Backup server).

  • SecuoS, Dubai
    Linux consulting and Apache web server setup.

  • Arab Bank, Dubai
    Deployment of Nagios XI network monitoring system.

  • Pharmalink, Abu Dhabi & Dubai
    VPN setup to connect Pharmalink’s Abu Dhabi and Dubai offices.

  • Jones the Grocer, Dubai
    Voucher based Wifi hotspot solution for the restaurant.

  • Emirates International School, Dubai
    Application and backup server deployment. Configuration of Postgres Plus Advanced Server and Jboss. Migration of school management application running on SCO Unix to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server .

  • Alnasr Technical Trading Agencies, Abu Dhabi
    Firewall for secure corporate Citrix deployment.

  • Al Dhafra Insurance, Abu Dhabi
    Setup and configuration of database server – IBM Informix. Configuration of JBoss and Tomcat on RHEL.

  • ADMAK General Contracting Company, Abu Dhabi
    Squid proxy server for content filtering and monitoring bandwidth usage.

  • Foodco Holding, Abu Dhabi
    Antispam & antivirus gateway which scans emails and filters them before they reach the corporate Exchange server. Blocking upto 10,000 spam/virus mails daily, only clean mails being passed onto Exchange server.

  • Technical Metal Industrial Co, Abu Dhabi
    Email server based on Zimbra, providing email access for over 150 users using Windows desktops and their choice of email client. Packet filtering firewall based on Linux to protect company network.